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Yard House is an American sports bar chain, with 80+ locations across the United States, mostly located west of the Mississippi River. Founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California by Steele Platt and co-founders Tom Yelenick, William Wollrab and Steve Reynolds, it now operates out of Orlando, Florida. Yard House was purchased by Darden Restaurants in 2012 for $585 million.The Yard House began its Eas


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Former Employee - Server says

"money and management nobody cares about anything"

Current Employee - Management says

"Servers have sex with managers to get promoted, it’s astonishing"

Former Employee - Server says

"Managers have favoritism to a select few suck ups Veteran employees are bullies and toxic to work with Money is average at best"

Former Employee - "Server" says

"literally everything else was terrible here."

Former Employee - Server says

"Inexperienced management, high turnover, extremely unprofessional, recent influx of coupons/ promotions, 2 happy hours in one day, Constant belittlement and disrespect, favoritism"

Former Employee - Hostess says

"creepy managers and rude customers weird place"

Former Employee - Food Runner says

"Time card fraud, always understaffed, no tips as a host, hours are horrible, if you work over time they will go back and erase it so they don't have to pay you, you're not given the breaks you are legally supposed to get, they do not pay attention to availability and will hold you accountable for shifts that are against your availability, little to no help from management, they don't care about their team members, no punishment for ANYTHING, racist, disrespectful management, extremely negative environment."

Former Employee - Bartender says

"Not a lot of money being made due to overstaffing, lots of side work for no pay, worst bar job I’ve ever had by far"

Current Employee - Server says

"Bad management, lots of sexual harassment going on. A lot of bullying going on. Favoritism is an every day thing. They say it’s all performance based but that’s a lie. All the young servers get the best hours unless you’ve been there for years. Very hostile working environment,"

Former Employee - Bartender says

"Not a lot of money for the work, way too corporate, extreme micromanagement, way too overstaffed"

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst job I ever encountered in my life. Servers are with doing inappropriate things management just to move up in the company. These people are not your friends and unless your best friends with you WILL NOT move up in this company. They will honestly drain the life right out of you. If you dont fit in with the popular crowd your going to get walked over and treated like disgust. Please please please for your sanity dont work here. You dont make enough for what they put you through.managment, money, people"

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"managers are a joke. there is no benefit. they say they have but when you cut the hours you lose everything. it's not worth working there, the chef is a liar and a cheaterNonethere is no benefit"

Host/To-Go Specialist (Current Employee) says

"You're not appreciated. You don't make tips. Barely any benefits. The management won't move you up if they do not like you. They criticize you and they do not praise you at all."

Food Service Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy a job where the people still act like catty, cliquey, gossips, then the job is for you. Staff, management included, act like their job is to mix up drama. Awful experience."

Grill Chef (Former Employee) says

"First week all managers are very friendly .. second week they don't even know your name that's why by their rules you have to wear a name tag .. if you loose the name tag " you get a warning ..if you are 3 minutes late get another warning everything is warnings that's why they need employee all the time"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"First off the GM was a racist, was barley there and when he was, he was following his employees he didn’t like and saying slick comments to make them feel uncomfortable. The AM was a follower and did not listen to any of the employees concerns or some issues with whatever the problem may have been. If you made a mistake, punishment was not being put on the schedule instead of having a “chit chat” like an adult."

Server (Former Employee) says

"I'm here to tell you ladies and gentlemen to study, study, study. You will be tested thoroughly over the entire menu and all flavor profiles of beer and how they are crafted.Breaks, corporate and consistentBreaks, corporate not enough money"

Server (Former Employee) says

"I’m not sure about other locations but Glenview Illinois yard house was the worst job I’ve ever had. I have served before and currently serve again. I’ll say there’s good and bad people everywhere but yard house bullied me into quiting. The employees admitted to making a bet to see how long I’d last (2 months) the entire staff was condescending worst group of peopls I’ve ever known. The tip outs here were ridiculous considering the people u tipped out barely helped you. JNoneEverything"

Server (Former Employee) says

"This job is strictly based on favoritism. Also they were strict with whoever they felt like at the moment they would apply rules to some but not all. Over all it was a sucky job with low pay! Not worth it"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Managers abuse their staff and wouldn't cut on time. Very high tipout. Lazy staff that never helps each other during busy nights. No one ever picks up shifts and your availability wasnt respected."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Management and staff are rude ! Management doesn’t have any sense of help the employee and they will help you. They play the favorites game (that’s the only way you’re going to make real money). They claim the turn over rate is so high because of the city commute but it’s really how they treat their employees. The hours are long 10 hours on a single shift. Even with medical reasoning and notes they don’t care how much they work you."

Bartender/Server (Former Employee) says

"Management only care about themselves. You ask for help when you're slammed and they completely ignore you. Not one employee there smiles. Go in and look for yourself. If you want hot beer and cold food head on over. If you complain you automatically get your food comped which burns the server out of a tip for all your hard work. It's like Russian Roulette working there . I hated it.Poke Nachos because you cant those upManagement, Ticket times (22 min), Back stabbing staff. 2 hour shifts and youre cut if its dead. Dirty."

FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVER (Former Employee) says

"I was only working 3 days a week 2 hour shifts. I had no other option to get a second job when I did the managers made sure to schedule me the times I said I would be on at my other job, making it impossible to work two jobs. They were spiteful and unwilling to work with me. The GM would make you feel stupid for any questions you would have. I would not recommend working for yardhouse mainly the one located Downtown Sacramento, on K st.NoneEverything"

baker,prep cook,dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"But management favors his race more then others they are payed more likely them a black person literallly everything is on file black people had to naFree foodVery biased"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for Yardhouse. Management does not care about you at all. They mess up your hours. Always scheduled me on days I couldn’t work. I had another job while working here and constantly had problems with the managers. They even told me to quit my other job or they’ll fire me. You don’t get paid enough for all the responsibilities you have. And it takes up to 2 years or more in order to move up a position.Discounted foodEverything"

Server (Current Employee) says

"avoid this place if you can.There's a reason this place has so much turnover.! Only the veteran servers get the constant good shifts otherwise you can count on being cut early and they have an interesting way of dong things, its possible for you to only have 2 tables ( over scheduling) and then get cut and if the food isn't down you'll have to transfer it. you need to be off the clock in 30 min. management doesn't care about you nor do they listen to anyone. its a scavenger hunt every morning setting up due to lack of organization. i could go on... RUN!!!"

SERVER (Former Employee) says

"i did not like working here. the management team was lackluster and not very strong. i always felt overwhelmed and under appreciated. the food was very dull"

Prep Cook/Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Management is not on same page when it comes to job solutions.....seem to take advantage of employees who actually work....family related employees come first with managers....they care none if employees are struggling leave you alone to struggle and could care less....Fountain drink free coffe free syrup teaConstant bullying from management"

Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"always had one lead cook on my back following me everywhere made work feel terrible and treated me different than everyone else like he had something personal with me but i honestly didn't care , management wise didn't help at all actually went against me and cut hours so yea wasn't a good place to work"

Host (Current Employee) says

"poorly managed stressful management does not care about workers required to work 8 hour shifts with 15 minute breaks if having medical issues management does not care or try to work with you"

Lyn Kedin says

"YH Westgate Glendale Az.
Eaten here maybe 6 times over the last 8 years. Never again after yesterday. My wife and I dropped in 4 a late lunch as we needed to visit the area.
First my wife orders a pineapple cider which she usually drinks. It didn’t taste right. 15 minutes later the waitress comes to us with a sample glass and says so sorry you got Strongbow apple cider is this what you wanted? Which contained the drink she ordered. So the waitress then brought back a pint of the correct drink and said you can keep the Strongbow. My wife asked me to taste the difference as I know Strongbow very well. Next discovery the Strongbow tasted watered down!
Then I ordered a Peroni for me. The waitress then returned to advise they had run out. Eventually I chose a pint of Kronenberg 1664. When it turns up she places it right Next to my wife’s cider and it is clearly a short measure! and the beer was cloudy. By this point we were at ‘let’s just get through this’ mode so didn’t say anything. I hear too many stories of staff messing with food if a customer is difficult.
Then the meal. I order the Nashville spicy chicken listed a a ‘featured’ meal. It was so unrecognisable from its description I immediately asked the waitress if I had the right meal. There were 3 sweet potato pancakes that were literally black through over-cooking and 3 pieces of battered chicken that were a very dark brown - heavily over-cooked. As this was my first chance to eat that day (4.00pm) I was starving and just got stuck in. The pancakes tasted like burnt normal flour pancakes with no hint of sweet potato. I dissected them and they showed no sign of sweet potato. It was also obvious that the chicken had been recooked with a double layer of batter. This is normally a warning sign that you’re eating yesterday’s food recooked which with chicken can be dangerous.
So we finished up and I told the waitress the meal was bad. By this point I was feeling nauseous from the chicken. The manager came and said they normally double-batter their chicken and I could have had it single battered as a special if I wanted. None of this is obvious from the menu and quite frankly the food was verging on inedible so I wasn’t buying that. He offered to recook the meal to my requirements but I was feeling sick by this point and so he took the meal off the bill. I cannot really fault the waitress or manager but there is something seriously wrong in the kitchen and with the bar staff. We are British snowbirds and have been eating in local restaurants for the last 10 years and have never had such bad food and drink. We will never go back. We will take the walk across to Twin Peaks the next time we eat in Westgate."

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